A little bit about the achievements...

Some of the 'Blurb'

Since graduating in 2011 I have participated in London's New Designers, Birmingham's NEC Stich Show, The Britsh Craft Trade Fair and Scotlands Trade Fair in Glasgow.
After joining an art day for Children in Need at BBC Radio Cumbria, I then went on to be part of the Unite with Business scheme with a big thanks to Ewan Pullan. A sponsored Madeira Embroidery artist and in 2013 an Artwork featured in the Ideal Home Magazine.

Learning all the time

I will always try to take part in artistic community events and gatherings. They can lead to connections and friends you would have missed as well as further oppertunities to help and teach.
The best way to get to know customers, artists and your trade community is to actually meet them in person and I am always happy to do so. Just get in touch using the method preferred in the 'Contact' tab.
Thank you for your time, Amanda Jane.

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Children in Need craft day at BBC Radio Cumbria with Amanda Jane