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Section One - Translucent Artwork | Section Two - 3D Box Frames | Section Three - Installations.

Section One - Translucent Artwork

This collection is based on the beauty of photography. An image is captured or an old one can be processed for a unique printing technique. When ready, it is then printed onto a translucent surface using true DURABright pigments. These can be found within the Earth meaning they are naturally UV resistant for up to 100 years and are even water resistant. Though we would not recommend swimming with your artwork anytime soon! This beautiful imagery is then placed between two glass panes to create what looks like an old vintage slide show. Each one is made in built to last with quality glass, wood with a sealed back.
Custom orders: Any image or scanned surface can be emailed or posted to me for a personalised artwork. I can also manipulate images to be black and white and so on. Images can also be edited to look more vintage. Anything is possible and this is a beautiful way to celebrate those important memories!
Other frame colours and sizes are available. Dimensions: Frame - 26cm x 21cm. Image - 19cm x 14cm approx. Code - TA. rrp: from £68. As seen to right.

'Pimms Cafe' Translucent artwork


Section Two - 3D Box Story Frames

A story begins with every photo and memory. I use my own photography, illustrations, and mixed media collaging to create little worlds within a frame.

With screen printed textiles, embroidery and surface design, I create mini landscape scenes or memoir keep sake pieces. They are then presented in a wooden 3D box frame in any size and colour.

Custom orders are always welcome, with endless options for you to choose from. Just send me your image, labels, tickets, surfaces...anything really and I can work with you to create a completely or partially personalised frame. Contact me through info@amandajanes.com
To right: Part of a bigger piece,'The Stag and Doe' Box frame, from £80 - £150. From bottom left: 'Stag Honour' frame, £68. 'Pieces of Paris' box frame, £48. 'Cup of Tea' box frame, £30.

'Pimms Cafe' Translucent artwork


Section Three - Gallery Installations

This is a collection of my larger scaled artworks, driven purely by inspiration to create something for me without a need to profit.

Like other artists, I have products I make to sell and others I create to gather inspiration from. It is hard to put a price on anything that takes so long to create which is why they cost considerably more than anything else I make.

I use a mixture of techniques and methods to achieve these highly detailed art installations. Among a few are hand dyeing, screen printing, machine and hand embroidery, creating an entirely unique piece.

Commissions are always welcome in any scale and design, taking into account personal budgets without compromising on quality. :)

To right: Close up of the 'Eiffel Tower love notes' installation. From bottom left:Full 'Eiffel Tower Love Notes'. 'Parisian Lamp Posts'. 'River Seine'. Close up of the 'River Seine' piece.

'Pimms Cafe' Translucent artwork